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iPhone Lanka

iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is now available nearly all over the world. This device is available officially in Sri Lanka from Dialog.

Watchout many travelers used to bring them here and try to sell them through website classifieds. So if you are interested to buy one of those devices take note, they can be fake one made in Vietnam or Korea. Even if it is original there are rumors that the 128 GB model may be recalled for some upgrade.

So take utmost care to buy from the official dealer. Otherwise you may have trouble when updating for the newst operating system from the Apple Inc.

So far most of the Siri voice command functions are not working in Sri Lanka.

Apple Inc has officially announced the much awaited iPhone 6 on an event that was held for invitees only. Also in that event iPhone 6 Plus and their Watch were announced. Earlier version 5S is just with 4 inch screen to carry your tasks. Now the 6 is coming with 4.7 inch screen and the 6Plus is with 5.5 inch screen.

iPhone 6 Price in the USA.

US $199 with 2 year Contract with Carrier.

16GB $199
64GB $299

Unlocked iPhone 6 Price.

16GB $649.00
64GB $749.00
128GB $849.00

Available colors: Gold, Silver and Space Gray


Apple Inc has announced that it got 4 million pre-orders for its iPhone 6 Smartphone in the first 24 hours. Already their web site too was went down due to hundreds of thousands Apple fans tried to login for to pre order the device. Now the web site is functioning normally and accepts the orders for the new device. People are waiting to see the one week total sales of this device.

Last year when the iPhone 5 was released it has sold more than 5 million in 3 days time.
Mean while the delay in releasing the iPhone 6 in China is holding back the iPhone 6 worldwide sales record.

New device is available in silver, gold, and space gray.
Thickness 6.9mm
Touch Screen Resolution 1334×750

So here are some features of this latest Smartphone iPhone 6.
New A8 Chip
M8 Motion Compressor.
Touch ID.
Touch ID technology: Approve purchases without entering your password.
Electronic Wallet:
Apple Pay with security of Touch ID and Passbook with NFC technology. Pay in stores with a single touch.
Faster LTE wireless.
8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels.
Operating System - iOS 8.
HD Video
Wi-Fi Browsing
LTE Browsing
3G Browsing
3G Talk
Standby Up to 50 hours

Now the American law allows the phone owners to change their carrier to another one if they had paid fully for the phone.

Order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus here.
Not suitable for Sri Lanka customers.

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