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iPhone 6 is the next expected new device from the Apple Inc. The launching is going to take place soon and nearly 90 million units are expected to be ready for sale. So no one will be disappointed like that happened in earlier years.

You can pre-order them through the Apple's online web site or can go to any of its sales center once it is announced. The last year model iPhone 5S comes with the finger print reading (Touch ID) facility on the home button where it will decide the owner of the phone is operating it or not.

Further more the device is provided with the latest A7 chip to give you the fastest control of your device according to the industry experts. The prices may vary according to the memory size that you want while the plastic iPhone 5C model is just like an iPhone 5 model and it comes with variety of colors that the user can select according to his/her mood or style. This model is priced as a cheaper one but it didn't storm the third world countries as expected by the manufacturers.

iPhone in Sri Lanka.

iPhone 5S is now available in Sri Lanka from the major carrier Dialog with 1 year authorized Apple warranty.

iPhone 5S 16GB Rs 116,000.00
iPhone 5S 32GB Rs 129,000.00 (Space Grey and Gold )
iPhone 4S 8GB Rs 69,000.00 Black (If you can use HSBC credit card the price will be Rs 59,976.00. Offer valid until 31/05/2014)

There are 2 kinds of 4G LTE packages available for your to select from.

4S models dosen't support 4G LTE network.

Some stores privately offer these models in Srilanka.
5S 16GB Rs 122,000.00 (Need Nano SIM)
5C 16GB Rs 91,900.00 (Need Nano SIM)

iPhone 5S in the USA.
16GB $199 ($649 unlocked )
32GB $299 ($749 unlocked )
64GB $399 ($849 unlocked )

iPhone 5S is now available in the USA for $119 from Wal-Mart from 05th March 2014. Mean while they are selling the 5C for $29.

Some conditions may apply as customers must sign a two-year contract from either AT&T or Verizon. The prices will be available for at least 30 days. (Previous Wal-Mart 5S price was $145 and the 5C just $45.)

iPhone 5S for $99 at Walmart.

iPhone Manuals

User Guide (PDF)