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Apps For Sri Lanka Users.

There are many Apps available for different kind of OS. So it is your duty to choose the appropriate app store that will allow downloading Apps to work in your device perfectly. There are many common Apps that are good for communicating and messaging and to share photos and video clips within friends. Also there are many Apps for certain professional people. In USA people are interested in games and vacations. So they used to download and install NBA Apps, Soccer Apps Golf, Surfing and so on. These Apps will provide best destinations, hotels, flight ticket booking at reduced price and so on.

Currently the most popular OS is Android and then comes the iOS, Windows and so on. These Apps are available as free one and paid ones through the respective websites. Also you can notice some of these Apps will use lot of memory from your device while some of them track your activities secretly. Most of the devices comes with pre-loaded Apps that are very popular with the younger generation. So before to download an App see its rating, last updated date and so on.

Apps for Sri Lanka users can be selected as for victors and for people living here.

Visitors used to have Apps with flight information, Train Schedule, Best hotels in ach cities, beaches, tourist destinations.

People living in Sri Lanka used to have Whatsaapp, Viber for communication purpose. To add or start an account you must input the mobile phone number with International dialing code. Lately in Viber App you can add 20 members for a multi party member call.

Zoom is popular with the office workers as it can allow lot of people to make video conferencing at a time.
Cricket Info
Local Radio
Train Service
Doctor Channeling
Vehicle hiring as PickMe and Uber
Food Delivery Servide as PickMe and Uber
Breaking News.

There used to be a pack of Apps that will be come as factory set.
Also when you activate the Google account you will get lot of Google Apps.

Find Sri Lanka related Apps from Google Play.

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