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Find iPhone's IMEI and serial number

There are waus to find out your iOS devices serial number, IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID numbers easily from the back cover, SIM tray or from the screen.

First way is to check it from your packing cover where the details will be printed with the barcode.

For example swtch on your device.

(iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)

Then on the screen
Tap Settings > General > About screen.

There you can view the details of your device.

Serial number, IMEI/MEID (International Mobile Equipment Identity), ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID number)

iPhone 5s, 5c, 5.

IMEI is engraved on the back case, near the bottom. The MEID number uses the first 14 digits, disregarding the last digit.

iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 (GSM model), 4s

Remove the SIM tray. The serial number and IMEI will be printed on the SIM tray.

Get details through your computer


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