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Free IPhone 6 and iPhone 5. This is what people are looking for in the internet from the day the iPhone was released. Many web sites claim that they offer these iPhone 6 for free through their web site. Although these free iPhone is available in the developed countries only and Sri Lanka is not included in to it. Also we don't know about these web site owners or about their actual plans.

We are not connected with them in any way. Visit those web sites at your own interest and if you like to join does it at your own wish. If you can get a free IPhone through them we too are happy like you.

Here is what the www.free3giphone.com web site says about their free iPhone 4 program.

Basically, getting the free iPhone will involve completing an online offer with a reputable company, I myself completed the 'Little Bid Tasty' offer, all I had to do was sign up, deposit £10 and place a bid, I ended up placing a few bids and even won myself an Xbox 360 Elite for £0.26!

Free 3G iPhone.com http://www.free3giphone.com/a/

Here is what the www.freeiphonesandipods.com web site says about their free iPhone 5 program. I followed the guide which was very straight forward, and a few minutes later I was on my computer putting the steps into practice to get my free gadget. Obviously I had chosen a free iPhone 4, but there were a lot of other gadgets to choose from, some of them cost a lot more than any iPhone too. I will list a few of the freebies later. It was several weeks later, in fact it was over a month after following the steps in the guide, but my free iPhone 4 arrived on my doorstep.

Free iPhone and iPods.com http://www.freeiphonesandipods.com/

There are so many offers to pick from to get your free iPhone 6, you can do free trial offers which won't require you to spend any money but may take longer to complete to get your free iPhone 6. There is also cash offers to get a free iPhone which requires you to do a deposit of £5/£10 etc, these offers complete very quickly and allow you to get your free iPhone.

Free Gifts 4 you http://www.freegifts4you.co.uk/

Free iPhone 4?

I am going to explain to you how you can get a sim free iPhone 4 with no contract for nothing at all! If you don't have faith in my words why not check my 'Proof' page where I have some personal pictures of the Free Gifts I have received. Something 4 Free http://something4free.net/free-iphone-4/how-to-get-a-free-iphone-4/

Claim your free iPhone today

Want a free iPhone, but don't want the expense of paying for it? Well you have come to the right place, because in just 3 simple steps you will be able to claim your very own iPhone, for free.

Free iphones4me - http://www.freeiphones4me.com/

He's not predicting a new model; just that Apple will cut the price of the iPhone 3Gs to zero, with a carrier contract, or $399 unsubsidized, when it rolls out the next iPhone, which he's referring to as the iPhone 5. He expects the iPhone 4 to drop to $99. That's somewhat more in line with Bachman's point of view: just cut the existing model.

Blogs.Barrons - http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdaily/2011/06/29/apple-iphone-3gs-to-be-free-iphone-4-99-says-rbc/?mod=BOLBlog

Some companies will catch you through the shipment price.

Some will require you to pay for the monthly service charge.

Others may require you to build a down line under you.

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