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Lost iPhone can make you uncomfortable with lot of thinking about it and the place where you had left it.

iPhone is not just a simple phone but it is an expensive device which used to contain important personal data of the user along with the mobile banking details, login information and other important files that can include private images and videos.

So loosing such a product to a theif is not only means the valued product but your entire money in the banks are in risk and your privacy too on the higher side of risk.

IPhone snatchers mostly target women, soft looking young men and elders who are using their phone to attend urgent incoming calls or while texting in the early mornings or sunset time while walking on lone streets or paths. Also many people had lost their iPhone to snatchers when they were waiting in the metro or bus halts and mostly at the time doing texting messages with out looking around the place.

So here comes Apple with a great App for those people who had lost thier iphone or people frequently miss place them in home or office.

Find My iPhone App.

You think that your device has fallen into the wrong hands?

Want to delete your personal data and restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch to its factory settings.
Can do it remotely.
When you retrieve the device, you can restore it from your iCloud backup.

Activation Lock.

This will prevent anyone from using or selling your device.
The moment you turn on Find My iPhone, your Apple ID and password will be required to turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or to reactivate it.

What to do if someone had snatched your iPhone.

What are the precautions you must take when you are buying a new iPhone?

Get insurance policy when you buy the iPhone from the phone seller which must cover iPhone lost too.

Ask the assistan on how to lock and unlock the device.

iPhone Red.

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