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Never try to recover Your Lost or Stolen iPhone Alone.

The iPhone device is very expensive one and everybody knows about it. But most of the normal people don't know that this device can be tracked to find where it is now, can be disabled by its owner or it can send the current user's photo to the owner of the device. If they find one such device they try to keep it for them self or if they steal it they try to keep it as their own one.

Recently in Canada one 18 year old Youngman lost his life when he tried alone to find his lost iPhone. Through the tracking method he located his iPhone which was held by three strangers out side of a fast-food restaurant in London, Ontario. There were in a car and are not ready to depart with the iPhone. When the owner confronted three men in a car they tried to leave from that place and the young too jumped in to the car as it was driving away.

Later the police found the dead body of this young man at the rear of a nearby strip mall, while the car was found abandoned after being driven into a fence. The lost iPhone too was discovered by a bystander close to the abandoned vehicle.

According to the Police "It's not the app that resulted in his death, Having and using an app to find your phone is not a bad thing at all, it's great."But he urged citizens to call police for help if they encounter "any resistance, violence or potential for violence" when seeking to recover lost or stolen property.

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