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Everyday new Apps are introduced for the iPhone and Smartphone market through iTunes and Google play Store. These Apps are doing so many tasks through iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus 7, 7 Plus 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch. These iOS Apps can provide support to many of your daily tasks like messaging, calls, interacting through social media, professional assistance, and financial management while they can assist you in so many fields along with playing games and recoding and play back of videos. These Apps are coming with unlimited functions and features.

Find these Apps through Apple's iTunes store. The iTunes provides nearly 2,200,000 Apps in 15 categories. These Apps are available as free and paid Apps.

Find rhse Apps through Apple's iTunes store. The iTunes provides nearly 1,400,000 Apps in 15 categories. They are available as free and paid Apps

These Apple devices used to come with pre-loaded apps that are very popular and most used ones.

iPhone Apps

Before getting any Apps read the descriptions well and understand it as there are some apps that can cost you US$ 999.99 for one time download. Also there are some games apps that are available for free but while those children playing them can purchase virtual objects online that may be shown during the game, which will cost you real money.

So before you download any of them read about their description, the price and installing information carefully.

Some additional features that you may like to have for the game will too need some real money. The money can't be refunded to you or recover by you if they have posted the prices as Top In-App Purchases.

Save on your battery power.

Many apps used to update your position time to time to give you the best result. Although you may not need this kind of service from all the Apps that are installed in your device.

There action will drain your battery power. So check out which App is making updates unnecessarily from your device and stop them. This will give you more energy to your battery while you are on the move.

Camera Fun Pro.

iPhone Apps MZM

Camera Fun Pro makes any one to be a digital photo artist. This will allow you to make affects in 29 ways before you take your photo or you can edit those photos in your phone.

Those lens allows you to make photos with these affects as Alphabet, Avatar, Black & White, Blueprint, Bulge, Canvas, Chalk, Chess, Color X-Ray Emboss, Glass, Mirror, Neon, Night Vision, Oil Brush, Pinch, Pixel, Poster, Sepia, Sketch, Stretch, Swirl, Thermal, Tunnel, Vintage Sketch, Water Color, Wave, X-Ray. Millions of people are using this App. This Camera Fun Pro App is good for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android phones. You can directly share it from your gadget with your friends through internet. Price $0.99

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