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iPhone Reboots due to Received Unicode Text Message.

One certain text message sent to your iPhone can crash and make your iPhone to reboot, if it is in the locked mode. The message comes in Arabic letters and is actually some Unicode characters. The Unicode characters that attempt to render and display the string chew up too many resources when your phone is locked and the notification of the message appears. This glitch lies more within iOS's notifications process and not within the iMessage app.

Apple is working hard to fix this glitch in thier iOS to save your device.

It can come to you if someone knows your phone number.

How to protect you from this?

Text MessageTurn off notifications for text messages if it is good for you. You can simply trigger another text message. You can ask the person who sent you the original message to send a new one, assuming that person didn't send it maliciously.

Otherwise, you can send yourself a text message easily enough by telling Siri to do it or using an iOS app that lets you share content via iMessage. The new text message essentially super-cedes the older message, so you can use iMessage again.

What the splashgear says?

"If you are hit with the Unicode and your device locks up, the fix is to send out a picture from photos or send yourself a message using Share Sheets. Those feats will reportedly stop the process and give users back functionality."

Source: BlueTech

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