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iPhone Tips and Tricks.

06:45 PM 03/29/2020

If you are one of the proud owners of the iPhone , there are plenty of things for you to learn to use your device to offer you maximum advantages from the device. For example, you can Shoot smoother video with the feature enable "Record Video at 60 FPS" in Settings Photos & Camera to shoot twice as many frames per second. Likewise you can select your slo-mo speed for capturing video clips. Select your slo-mo speed by tapping on fps icon on the camera screen. Then choose between 240 fps and 120 fps in Camera for an added slo-mo effect in your videos.

iPhone Tips and Tricks.

So there are many things like this in the official Apple page which will guide you to sections like,

  • Retina HD Display
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Messages
  • QuickType
  • Health
  • Siri
  • Spotlight
  • Weather
  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Safari
  • Favorites
  • Settings
  • AirPlay and AirPrint
  • Accessibility
  • Compass
  • Find My iPhone

For more information on this tips and tricks visit the following web page.

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