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If you are going on vacation or on a trip with your iPhone device then take little care on the following things.

Roaming is expensive one and another thing is the data plan as your device always will connect to the internet to check for to update you.

And if it does so in a foreign country then you may get a large data plan bill for using it in a foreign country on roaming method.

Check the following things before you start your journey.

iPhpone Traveler

Decide the carrier according to your usage plan.

Well once you reach the new destination switch off your device and get the new SIM card from the new carrier and insert it in to your iPhone.

For example, if you are visiting Sri Lanka through the Colombo airport your iPhone will work there. You have the opportunity to buy your SIM card with a Sri Lanka phone number, free incoming call and free incoming text messages at the Colombo airport arrival lounge from the original carriers.

Once you had purchased the SIM card activate it then and there at the counter.

Here you have to top up the phone for call and data plan separately.

When you are leaving the country take the SIM with you otherwise someone may use it with your name and they may make contacts with your friends and relatives.

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