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Want to send multiple photos at a time?

You know how to send only one photo to your friend from your iPhone 4S. But some time one of your friend missed one birthday party or wedding and he calls you to send all the photos as he want to know what is going over here. Young boys and young girls in t he USA specially college students used to send lot of photographs to their friends fro their iPhone 4S.

You too may like to send plenty of photos in one go through email or iMessage program to your loving friends. But don't know how to do it?

Don't worry, take as much photos you want to take. It is better to reduce the size of the photo if your friend is going to look it only and not going to make any printout of it.

Those photographs you want to make printout must be with high quality and at least with 300 dpi to get good quality printout.

Now you have many photographs ready to send from your iPhone to one of your friend through an email or iMessage.

To send photos from your iPhone, open the iPhone App in your iPhone first. Then tap on one of your album.

There is a select icon on the top right screen of your iPhone, do a tap on it.

Now you are ready to select those photos to send, ok tap and choose the photographs.

Selection of photographs is done.

Now you have to tap the share in the bottom right of the screen.

You will see three options for to proceed with.

They are,

  1. Email
  2. Message
  3. Print.

Select the desired program and send the photos through it to your friend.

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